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An Approach

To healing and empowerment that’s as dynamic as you are.

Understanding Depth Psychology

You contain multitudes. And you deserve a healing container that knows how to welcome the rich dynamism of your inner complexity.

Depth psychology is a soul-centered, systemic, and creative approach to authentic wholeness. It’s the umbrella paradigm of all things embodyperiod. This approach teaches you how to hear the vital desires of your inner selves. Shift beyond judgment and fear, and find your way home to a fuller sense of self.

Ways of building unshakable confidence

When a woman is connected to her deep source of intuition, life force, curiosity, and pleasure, she reclaims her sacred agency. The eclectic practices I weave together in all of my offerings stem from my belief in your power of direct revelation, healing, knowing, aliveness, and aligned action found in relationship with the creative unconscious, aka psyche or soul.

Here’s an Overview

Of the practices I offer in my programs.

Archetypal images, myth, and symbols

Archetypal Psychology

I like to think of archetypal psychology as inner social justice work. Archetypes are personifications of energy; working with them helps us build more integrated consciousness around complex experiences. Troublesome symptoms, moods, ideas, or memories suffer under a “fix-it” approach that keeps them at the margins at best, and tries to disenfranchise or force assimilate them at worst. An archetypal approach sees symptoms as messengers of soul who are vital members of your inner community and need to be heard. By personifying experience through archetypal images, myth, and symbols, your full self can surface and align.. 
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Active Imagination

Cultures worldwide have recognized the healing potential of shifting awareness beyond the ego or what we already know. Whether we call it connecting with the creative unconscious, psyche, inner self, neurological rewiring, or spirit, these practices all share a similar intention and belief in supporting our malleability towards greater ease and possibility in relationship to the unknown. With the blend of my training in these practices, you can dialogue with archetypes showing up through behaviors and beliefs, experience a soul retrieval or past life regression, meet spirit guides, and activate healing and empowering embodied states. 
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Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit


Through the collective unconscious, sacred shapes emerge across cultures and time. Medicine wheels, mandalas, quaternity symbols, and evolutions in science draw attention to the fact that embodied experience is multidimensional. East, South, West, North. Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit. These are all parts of a larger whole, with a place at the center of it all for connection, transformation, and living our truth. The wheelwork tradition I practice was passed down to me through my mentor, the revolutionary sex therapist and healer Gina Ogden. The wheel can be used in many practices: ritual and ceremony, discernment, self-check-in, sympathetic magick, and more. Wheelwork is at the heart of Return to Desire, and a life skill that I teach in all my offerings.
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Sexuality and Menstruation

Two potent thresholds of self-knowing. Sacred sexuality and menstruality is in all that we do together. Every single one of my clients lets out breaths and tears of relief when they realize how devoted I am to both their embodied autonomy and essence. Decolonizing the mind, body, heart, and soul from ideologies forced upon female anatomy is an ongoing revolution (and necessary as fuck).  Sexual and reproductive trauma, kink, PMDD experience, queerness, and sacred sexuality are all welcomed here. Safety and inclusion is paramount. For a deeper dive, check out Rites of Splendor, Emergence, or 1:1 work and follow what resonates.
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Archetypal images, myth, and symbols

Embodied Imagination Dreamwork

Created by Jungian psychoanalyst Robert Bosnak, Embodied Imagination is my favorite way of working with dreams and memories that pull at the hem of your awareness, wanting to be addressed. I love it because it gives primacy to the felt experience of dream images, energetically (as opposed to intellectually) working their particular potency and creating an embodied infusion of the dream’s offering as medicine for the soul. The “analysis” thereby emerges as new consciousness experienced somatically that the mind can then learn from. Embodied wisdom.
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Movement, Artmaking, Concretizing

For change to take root, the material realm’s gotta be involved, not just talked about. I bring together practices from Theatre of the Oppressed and other somatic liberational linages, ritual arts, and shamanic clearing that are simultaneously playful and profound. Movement helps us build awareness around your authentic NO and YES, exploring how these two states shape your body in subtle and significant ways. Dancing, guided and authentic movement are physical ways of shifting habitual consciousness and making room in your nervous system for expansion. Artmaking (e.g. masks, pussy portraits) and concretizing, through the use of symbolic power objects,, are also powerful ways of fostering clarity and integrating your agency.
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A cherished place of sisterhood


Wisdom keepers take many forms, and we are most empowered when we are in relationship with a community of perspectives. In the talking circle tradition that comes to me through The Ojai Foundation, Embodied Visioning Councils are a format of both membership group calls and live courses, as well as an ongoing practice of consulting your inner circle of archetypes, spirit guides, and imaginal figures. Over the years, embodyperiod. councils have become a cherished place of sisterhood and sacred community towards living our wild and regal lives on our own bloody terms.
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Witchcraft & Alchemical Psychology

Witchcraft is an earth-based wisdom tradition that honors the relationship between ourselves, the elements, and the spirit within all things. Similar to wheelwork, the witch’s pentacle serves as a road map to embodying your sovereignty in Wild Queen Residency. Jungian and Archetypal lineages carry the ancient practice of alchemy as a sacred temenos of transformation of embodied consciousness. In Emergence, I guide you through the four alchemical phases to unblock stuck narratives, heal and expand. Both practices also show up spontaneously to support clients when relevant.

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Ritual & Ceremony

In non-dogmatic, wild soul reverence, I believe in your right to acknowledge and mark the evolutions of your mythic life with intention and meaning that matters to you. Marion Woodman said, “The purpose of ritual is to bring the individual, through intense concentration, to a point of psychological intensity where the archetype will burst through to consciousness, manifesting in an image that releases powerful energy.” Ritual and ceremony are powerful practices of focusing energy around your desires and intentions, and shifting consciousness. In a variety of my programs, I facilitate these practices with you and guide you in creating your own as desired.
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