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Return to Desire

Revolutionary, sacred, life skills for living your heart’s desire

My 1-year membership + sisterhood devoted to integrative practices at the core of empowered embodiment.

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No one can burn me down…

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Want to live Creatively in Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit & Soul Integrity?

You’re a soulful, passion-driven woman who doesn’t fit neatly into boxes. Subscribing 100% to a single practice probably isn’t your style. I feel you. It can be hard to find a meaningful and integrative way to tend to the dynamic fullness of Self solo, without getting overwhelmed or distracted.

Do you:

  • get stuck in your head and judge yourself about your own soul journey?
  • feel undeserving to receive teachings and community that can support your unique path?
  • sense something tugging towards more YOU but don’t know what to do about this?

Join me and learn how to discern, heal, transform, and embody your authentic desire. Together, we’ll shed old, conditioned narratives that keep you stuck and integrate new awareness and practices that align with every part of you.

Neuroscience meets ancient wisdom traditions.

In my 14 years practicing depth psychology, I’ve found this framework to be the most in-depth and generative container for doing embodied soulwork and liberation. Simple and profound, the 4-dimensional wheel model developed by my mentor, revolutionary sex therapist and healer Gina Ogden, aligns your inner multitudes. In short, wheelwork is a map that your soul remembers. Wheelwork expands traditions of the medicine wheel, clearing ceremonies, and catalytic healing experiences that promote neuroplasticity towards greater aliveness.

Return to Desire

Is a year-long
Membership program,
Designed to help
dynamic women
deeply transform
their experience
of desire in
all aspects of life.

You are hardwired for magickal transformation. With guidance, movement, ritual, and practice you can experience an evolution of your nervous system and create new pathways of expansion.

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Return to Desire is designed for women who:

  • are burned out from feeling caught between what they think they should do and what they privately long to do.
  • desire to feel more alive and turned on in their bodies but don’t know where to begin and feel blocked by past experiences.
  • crave connection with women who feel, think, dream, and create deeply and boldly.
  • desire a regular practice of self-awareness, but nothing you’ve tried sticks or excites you long-term. (Yes, you can have a practice that excites you!)

Feeling a yes?

You’re in the right place. I’m gonna tell you all the details.

During this program you will:

  • disentangle the knots between your mind and heart so you can own your truth, needs, and desires with clarity.
  • create new neural pathways of expansion and release old stories.
  • heal and hone the channel between body and spirit.
  • integrate sexuality with spirituality, allowing your pleasure and purpose to coexist.
  • claim ritual and self-healing practices that you want to do (as opposed to feeling or believing you should do!).
  • nurture the embodied story big enough to express all of you.
  • experience integration of Self, and learn how to live well-sourced in your desires.
  • receive support, community, and celebration with a soulful sisterhood.

“My soul is here for this.”

“Honestly, I’m down for anything Roxanne offers. There’s so much depth and diversity to her way of working. I can sense she’s passed through the flames. My soul is here for this. What’s next!”

Workshop Participant

“I have so much gratitude for all the things the wheel is to me.

“Most of all, I’m grateful for how it strengthens my sense of agency. I have more confidence knowing that I have an effective and meaningful way to work through things.”


“It’s so practical and so magical at the same time.”

“I remember the first time I saw Roxanne’s wheel. It was so out of my comfort zone. But then we started moving through the quadrants and it just made sense. It’s so practical and so magical at the same time.”


“…this is empowerment…”

“This is energy work, this is ancestral healing, this is sexual healing, this is empowerment.”

Workshop Participant

“…so inspiring…”

“Witnessing other women move through the wheel, tell their stories, work their power objects, is so inspiring. I’ve learned so much about my own experience from them.”

Workshop Participant

“I love the wheel so much.”

“It grounds me instantly. Wheelwork gets me out of my head – or gets my head aligned with the bigger picture.”


What’s Inside Return to Desire

Core Teachings

Core Teachings

You’ll have 24/7 access to the 9 core teachings of wheelwork inside your membership portal. These pre-recorded videos are easy to digest, come with companion worksheets, and experiential practices.


  • Wheelwork Foundations
  • Igniting Desire
  • Beginning Where You Are
  • Power Object Practice and Sympathetic Magick
  • Daily Wheel Rituals – You’ve Got Options
  • Your Authentic YES and NO + Neuroscience
  • Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit Discernment
  • Embodied Re-storying
  • Return to Desire Wheel Ritual
Live Calls Twice a Month

Live Calls Twice a Month

For 12 months, we’ll gather twice a month live on Zoom to deepen into practice together. All calls are recorded.


  • Q&A sessions
  • Live workshoping of your soul journey
  • Breakout rooms and connection with your Return to Desire Sisters
  • Deepening Calls (led by me)
  • Meditation and movement
  • Art-making
  • Tantric practices
Community of Desire

Community of Desire

Connect with women who, like you, dare to undo centuries of conditioning and own their desires.


  • Q&A sessions
  • Facebook group for sharing insights, new awareness, questions, and community.
  • Optional: connect with Fan-Fire Desire Sisters for accountability and solidarity. (Guidelines are offered for how to support each other in this way.)


Released throughout the year, these five bonus lessons are offered for your expansion.


  • Discerning Multidimensional Safety
  • Light and Shadow Wheel
  • Mapping Aligned Action
  • Activating Your Wisdom Keepers of the Wheel
  • Members receive discounted enrollment on all other programs

What happens when you return to desire?

Release shame around your desires.


Together we’ll dismantle the “play by the rules “ narrative that we’ve all internalized. . You’ll learn how to embody, live, and direct your life sourced by your true desires of your body, heart, mind, and soul.

Sex gets better too.


This work liberates your authentic YES to show up in all aspects of your life. The result is greater turn on – everywhere. The kind of lit-up luminosity of a woman whose spirit and life-force (kundalini, libido, creative juice, you know what I’m talking about!) are integrated with pleasure, throughout the lifespan.

Fall in love with showing up for yourself.


This program and community stimulate all the pleasure spots. It’s spiritual, intellectual, playful, deeply feeling, sensuous, safe, challenging, and exciting. You’ll soon realize there was nothing wrong with you for not sticking with other practices that only hit one chord. All your desires are good and welcomed.

Golden Guarantee

Return to Desire is a 1-year commitment from sign up because I believe this timeframe best supports the integration and activation of this work. However, if after the first 90 days you feel like you can’t show up to this practice and community or the work doesn’t align, simply send me an email showing me completed worksheets from the first 4 core teachings, and description of your experience of the first two months of calls.

This process is in support of your clarity around your desires and what would best support them. If you signed up at the annual fee, you’ll then be refunded the prorated amount of your investment. If you signed up with monthly payments, your membership will simply be canceled.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will doors open?

October 2022.

Can I join at any time?

Yes, once the doors are open, we’re ready when you’re ready.When you join, you’ll commit to joining this space for one year.

What if I’m uncomfortable with group work?

Group work isn’t for everyone. That said, if you’ve made it this far down the page, maybe you’re ready to give it a try. Also, no one is forced to participate. You can join every call and not speak if you so choose.

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