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sacred ceremonies

Step into a new Dimension of your extraordinary life

Ceremony manifests change.

In collective power, we gather on Quarter Days of the year, the 4 potent portals of Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Equinox. Each threshold invites you further into actualizing your aliveness with intention.

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Shifting Out of the habitual

What if you didn’t feel you were running against time, or pushing yourself through
life’s inner and outer transitions?

Empowered Cycles of Being

Empowered Cycles of Being and Becoming

Ceremony supports us in navigating change, welcoming in new cycles, and shifting into the pleasure consciousness of timelessness. Through ceremony we reconnect with the sacred within and without. Energy and attention is brought into open focus. Awareness shifts out of the ordinary. Held in intention and community during these potent Quarter Days of the seasons, archetypal and creative energies are released into consciousness, supporting your embodied experience of connection and evolution aligned with your desires.
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SACRED ceremonies
OFFERS AN inclusive
EARTH-BASED, creative,
within AND without.

Winter Solstice Ceremony

Is being held in-person! On December 21st, at the hearth of Aletis House, in the historic district of Hudson, New York, an intimate ceremony of 12 participants are invited for an evening of deep winter nurturing and initiation.

This has been a potent year of shedding ancient skins of being, and the emergence of a ripened expansive Self. You’ve worked hard at your embodied liberation and deserve to receive the support of the Dark Mother Night’s embrace. Experience the transformative power of rest and nurturing in sisterhood. Come and receive.

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Rooted, soul-centered transformation and creative healing space for purpose-aligned, embodied women.

Sacred Ceremonies are for women who…

Sacred Ceremonies are designed for women who:

  • Desire the support of a strongly held catalytic container to tend to inner and outer life transitions.
  • Have a deep-ecology or earth-based sensibility and desire intentional space in community during Quarter Days of the year.
  • Curious about depth psychology and group soulwork with women.
  • Want resources to shift out of a habitual state of coping and into a more expansive and intentional approach to what’s present in their lives.

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Ceremonies at a Glance

  • 3 hour in-depth and immersive Ceremony at Quarter Days of the year
  • Access to Ceremony online portal of resources for 30 days
  • Video lessons for preparation and post-ceremony integration
  • Sacred Direction Workbook

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The grounded, practical manifestation of your Ceremony experience matters.

Sacred Preparation

The Ceremonies online portal of resources will ready you body, mind, heart, and soul. From ritual bathing to choosing power objects to bring in and ground your movement between old and new embodied narratives.

Immersion & Consciousness Shifts

Our sacred space of ceremony weaves movement, ritual, shamanic journeying, medicine wheel work, elemental offerings, sisterhood, creative healing practices rooted in depth psychology, pleasure, and celebration. Step beyond ordinary consciousness and time and into a potent field of catalytic movement from the inside out.

Return and integration

Super important. What you experience and receive in ceremony will ripple through you fully. Online portal resources (videos, and the Sacred Direction workbook) are here to support the integration of new consciousness and bodysoul movement.

Sacred living

These sacred ceremonies at the four potent thresholds of the seasons support continued connection to sacred living. Join us each time and receive support and community in the unfolding intentions of your extraordinary life.

“…things shifted into a new focus.”

“By moving through the ceremony, things shifted into a new focus. I knew what needed to happen next with such clarity and purpose.”

Ceremony Participant

“I just love the space Roxanne creates.”

“I don’t know how to describe it. She encompasses so much, and it’s all magic. I wish we could gather like this all the time.”

Ceremony Participant

Ceremonies at a Glance

Step 1


Sign up for Ceremony

Step 2


Access portal and watch preparation videos, download workbook, do the work

Step 3


Enter into Ceremony

Step 4


Integrate Your Sacred Direction

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t live nearby, can I participate virtually?

Winter Solstice Ceremony is in-person only. However, future ceremonies may be online. It all depends on what’s happening in the world and my sense of what’s called for at the time. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for updates!



Winter Solstice Ceremony is in-person at Aletis House in Hudson, NY, is December 21st from 7pm-10pm.
Our ceremony includes closing celebratory light food from Happy Belly (GF and vegan) and drink.

Ceremony Attendance Fee

one time fee



Overnight Stay Options:

There are 4 rooms available for 1 overnight stay, the night of ceremony for participants who’d rather simply slip upstairs to bed after the ceremony and travel home in the morning. Check-in day of 4pm-7pm, Check-out next morning by 11am. Two full-sized shared baths, one half bath.

King Size Room 1



King Size Room 2



Queen Size Room



Writer’s Sun Room



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All ceremony registrations are final and non-refundable.