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Wild queen residency

Reclaim Your Majesty,
On Your Own Wild Terms

7-week live course

My signature creative-soul residency program that guides you into the art of your embodied sovereignty in 7 weeks of in-depth praxis. Liberate your inner majesty, power, and pleasure from fear and overwhelm.

I Want This

No one can burn me down…

Your inner wild woman can come out of the woods.

If you’re a creative soul, purpose driven visionary, or a woman looking to live a more expansive life, then you already know that creativity needs empowered embodiment to grow.

Remember when you gave yourself that time off from work to dive into a creative flow?

Or maybe it was a moment during a retreat or training when you felt a wider range of possibility open up around you and caught a glimpse of how you could move through the world unburdened by doubt?

Or perhaps you felt an ease when you finally gave yourself permission to do something you’d previously judged as selfish or unproductive?

If you’re craving deliciously expansive, bold, and alive moments like these to be integral to your everyday experience, you’re in the right place.

Taking up Residency in Your Life

Connection to meaning, flow, confidence, and pleasure are rooted in a nurtured relationship to the creative unconscious. To take up residency in your life is a call to the wild soul to take the throne – to embody the art of your Queendom true to your desires.

Wild Queen Residency guides visionary women on a path to empowered integration so they can stop self-betrayal and start living divinely led, confident, and pleasure-filled lives.

Wild Woman as an image of authentic self

Feeling the call of the
Wild Queen…

If you’ve been longing for a creative and catalytic container that welcomes ALL of you, and moves you, body-heart-mind-spirit-soul, into your Inner Majesty, this is it.

This residency was birthed out of a decade-long devotion to the Wild Woman archetype as an image of the authentic self. For the last 10 years, I’ve guided women into their empowered embodiment, often through thresholds of sexuality, menstruality, identity, and the archetype of the Wild Woman as an image of authentic self, revealed under layers of conditioning and expectations for what women are “supposed to be.”

Wild Queen entered through my session notes with clients, particularly through 2020 (corona’s etymological root means crown). I noticed there was an archetypal energy speaking through them that wasn’t being represented symbolically.

Culturally, the Queen archetype is often wounded by generations of oppression. I realized I was hearing a clear and powerful Queen wanting to emerge from beyond cultural inscriptions through my clients. Heaps of self-doubt and fears blocked the way.

In meditation late that summer, my Maori great-great grandmother, the daughter of her tribe’s King, appeared for the first time.

This way, she coaxed. I followed.

This is the next step in embodying your fullness in the world.

If you’re ready to travel the Royal Road of the Wild Queen’s Realm, join me.

Follow The Call

Immersive depth psychology masterclass meets
transformative healing-arts meets sacred sensuality awakening meets magick alchemy school.
All for the Wild Queen.

Wild Queen Residency at a Glance

  • 7 potent weeks
  • 3 weekly live Zoom calls
  • Depth psychological masterclasses
  • Transformative art-making studio classes
  • Movement meditations
  • Vision Journeys, Ritual, Crowning Ceremony!
  • Course Portal with call recordings
  • Golden Thread Practices
  • Access to join Majesty upon completion

Who is the Wild Queen?

Here’s what Founding Members of this Residency say

She is confident and
does not question herself.
She demands respect.
She is adorned,
organic and radiant.
She is self-trusting
and intuitive.
She is bold and sensual.
She transcends dualities.
She loves with impact.

Shed the shackles of self-doubt

Discover the path away from self-abandonment, and towards self-assured rootedness in deep knowing.

Embody your dare.

Manifest your heart’s desire for adventure and expansion, on your own wild terms!

Connect & lead with pleasure and turn-on.

The cornerstones of pleasure, body-heart-mind-spirit-soul, will no longer be shrouded in mystery, shame, or disappointment. You’ll embody intimate ownership of your Royal Jewel (aka Pussy) and her infinite pleasure-based wisdom.

The Royal Road of the Wild Queen

Welcome to Week One

Week 1

Divinely Called & Divine Desire

Your path begins as you open the door to Divine Desire, inviting the call of the Wild Queen, as well as fan-firing your flame.



Through Shamanic Journey and Active Imagination you’ll be guided into relationship with your Wild Queen. We welcome her presence, voice, and desires.


Portraiture has long been a catalyst of creative reflection and transformation. This initial practice opens the channel for Wild Queen to begin to manifest on the material plane, and becomes one of your sacred objects in our course medicine wheel.


A guided embodiment ritual inviting Wild Queen energy to take shape in body and movement.

Welcome to Week Two

Week 2

Untamed Heart of the Wild Queen

It’s time to disarm and shed the Old Order of Limiting Beliefs. We’ll move into heart space clearing work through in-depth archetypal psychology practices that are both creative and catalytic to empowering your wild dare.



Archetypal Mapping of the Old Order of Limiting Beliefs.


Like a soulful act of beheading, you’ll create a Mask of the Gatekeeper of Your Dare. Masks are powerful (and playful!) tools to transpose and transmute this energy.


 Mirror, Mirror… You’ll be guided through a practice of untaming, daring, and longing.

Welcome to Week Three

Week 3

Wild Knowing

Experience what it’s like to hear, know, focus, decide and intuit– grounded in the royal wilds of soul and spirit.



Every Wild Queen needs her Animal and Elemental guides. Meet yours.


Each week’s focus embodies one of the four elements, and Wild Knowing is about building your Power in the element of Air and the mind. You’ll experiment in different creative and automatic writing practices.


By Wild Decree! Bringing Wild Knowing into your voice practice.

Welcome to Week Four

Week 4

Sovereign Integration

Regal Rest and subtle integration are vital on the Wild Queen’s Royal Road. This is a time to be with the Golden Thread practices that weave through our 7 weeks, revisit and deepen what we’ve moved through so far, and rest like a Queen.



Medicine Wheel Integration Practice. A review ritual of the ground covered so far.


Free-roaming time of creative being.


Regal Rest Meditation

Welcome to Week Five

Week 5

At Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Wild pleasure for the Wild Queen. You’ll stroke turn-on in every sense. Throughout our journey, you’ll be adorning the Royal Jewel, aka your Pussy, with regal attention. This week we take it all further. Finding your way into the throne, the body of the Wild Queen, with full dynamic pleasure. Earthing her.



Clear sensing into authentic YES and desire. Discovering the Mandala of Your Sexual Self.


Portraits of the Royal Jewel, Adoring Gaze & Tell


Shakti Queen Meditation

Welcome to Week Six

Week 6

Key to The Realm

At this point in the journey, the Key to the Realm is forged. This particular place on the royal road has a special emphasis on culmination and condensing. The creation of the Wild Queen’s Council is a collective embodiment of your journey. Learn how your personal team of guides who’ve shown up along the way will become your creative soul’s way of empowered wild living.



Calling Your Council of Empowered Wild Living.


A living relationship to your creative wilds is the key to your regal confidence and pleasure. You’ll create your Wild Queen’s Council, a sacred container for your Desire, Dare, Knowing, and Pleasure, so they can occupy the material plane with you.


Revisiting the Call of the Wild Queen Meditation

Welcome to Week Seven

Week 7


In our final week, you’ll receive a ceremonial Crowning – a birth, a coronation, a rite of passage – into your Wild Queendom. You’ll share with your sister Queens the creative soul portfolio of your journey. An enactment, an embodiment of your art of communing with the wilds of your power.



Our Crowning week begins with a Wild Queen Residency Show. You’re the artist of your empowered life and you’re here to show the story of the body of work you’ve created in these 7 weeks.


Adorning the Wild Queen. Your initial portrait of the Wild Queen has gone through a transformation by now, particularly in becoming you. Adorn her in whatever medium you choose.


 Crowning Ceremony! Bring your Wild Crown!

“…I could fully surrender to the vulnerability of being part of something bigger than me…”

“The biggest thing is the transition from week one feeling insecure, judgmental and otherness when looking at the grid of faces, and then seeing/feeling how each week those feelings were dissolving until the final week I could fully surrender to the vulnerability of being part of something bigger than me and feel so connected to all the other women sharing that experience.”

Wild Queen

“…coming into and through pussy was also a profound moment…”

“In Week 5, coming into and through pussy was also a profound moment. It felt like a lusty, joyful invitation to live life from this space in my body and in my psyche.”

Wild Queen

“This work enabled me to face a part of myself…”

“…that had been hidden in shame for a long time.”

Wild Queen

“You’re just wonderful!”

“Thank you so much for giving shape and space and voice to this essential need in all of us. I’m so grateful.”

Wild Queen

“I felt more energized, clear, intentional and hopeful!”

“I began to take up more space, value my creativity, and listen from an internal space, rather than striving toward an external standard.”

Wild Queen

“What I most loved about the Wild Queen Residency was the utter potency of it-“

“I loved holding a singular focus + intention each day and week, and felt supported, and gently invited to feel into my edges around each threshold. I loved the group of women, and witnessing wild queen’s emergence in each of them amplified and supported my own experience.”

Wild Queen

“Wow. Well I decided to quit my job.”

“That was a really big one. I think this course just really allowed me to feel into my own power and precisely express what I refuse to accept. The witnessing of the other Queens and the teaching of my guides, especially turtle, made coming to this decision feel like an inevitable and empowering choice.”

Wild Queen

“…I loved being able to share myself, even when deeply vulnerable…”

“I really loved listening to the other Queens while they navigated their own journeys. I loved being able to share myself, even when deeply vulnerable, and be held by their love and witnessing.”

Wild Queen

Frequently Asked Questions

This all resonates SO much, and, I also feel scared or intimidated by the idea of the Wild Queen?

You’re in the right place, Sister.
This is one of the major reasons I’m offering this residency. The power of embodying the Wild Queen and her pleasure is so foreign to the cultural conditioning many of us have received. And yet, we know her deeply.

Practically speaking, what supplies will I need for this course?

So glad you asked!
You’ll need:

  • A Book of Gold, a.k.a. a journal (any color will do)
  • Art and craft supplies. This can be markers and colored pencils, oil paints, magazine cut outs, clay… all and any mediums you have at home or like working with. Paper, maybe even a canvas! You don’t need to get fancy, unless you want to.
  • Ritual Materials to enchant your space for our calls and your creative work. Pillows, candle, sage, sacred water, earth. Think: the 4 elements and comfort.
  • Access to a printer is helpful for course materials, but not necessary. You might want a folder or binder for printouts.
  • Headphones are helpful for sound and focused attention during our live Zoom calls.

I don’t know how I feel about group work…

As an introvert, I hear you. And.
There’s magic in doing this kind of in-depth creative work with other women. Something deep and ancient comes alive in all of us.
That said, two things:

  • You can participate during calls as it’s comfortable to you.
  • If working in groups and entering trance states is predominantly triggering to you at this time, or if you’ve experienced a psychotic break in the past two years, for the sake of your sense of safety and wellness, I strongly recommend not taking this course at this time.

Ok, feeling good about this! Remind me, what am I signing up for again?

Yes! Simply put, you are signing up for the empowerment of your Inner Majesty.
You’re choosing to manifest your self-assured, confident, and divinely led life.
You’re giving yourself the creative soulwork experience you’ve longed for and have known is necessary to move you into your fullness.

14-day Golden Guarantee

Wild Queen Residency has emerged from over a decade of experience guiding women through soulwork, empowered embodiment, and pleasure principles.

The Wild Queen archetype is rising in the collective unconscious and you’re likely reading this because you can feel the call to her Royal Road pulling at your bones.

By the end of the first 14 days of this program, you’ll have received access to the first two weeks of materials and practices, including in-depth methods of liberation from self-doubt, fear, and overwhelm.

In other words, you’ll have had the opportunity to transform the feelings and beliefs that are calling you to taking this course into greater embodied liberation.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your experience, simply reach out to me, show me you’ve put in the work, and reflect on your process, and I’ll refund your investment.

Access the key to embodied confidence and pleasure

The next round of Wild Queen Residency begins March 2023. Join the Waitlist to save your spot for the next royal road.

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