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Embody Who You Truly Are

Experience a therapeutic space for you to unwind the story threads of where you are, and re-discover your authentic self.

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Desiring More

I honor the nudge that’s brought you here.

Whether you’re drenched in grief, caught in old wounds, turned-off by limiting identities, uninspired, ashamed of your menstrual experience or your sexuality, or doubting your next move, I can guide you towards embodied aliveness.

Empowered Healing for your Bodysoul

Empowered Healing for your Bodysoul

You’ll be guided through creative, imaginal, and movement based practices to connect to the parts within you in need of expression, healing, and integration. Through the course of this work, you’ll notice shifts, subtle and great, in how you experience your embodied self in your daily life. You’ll create your own unique way of tending to your embodied needs from a place of confidence, rooted within.

Embody You Sessions

In-depth one-on-one sessions help women heal and empower themselves from the complex impact of patriarchy and reclaim their embodied agency so they can live meaningful lives with pleasure, on their own terms. 

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A therapeutic space
that integrates your
brilliance, menstruality, sexuality,
embodied identity,
creativity, and
connection with
purpose and spirit.

Embody You Sessions may be for you if you:

  • Experience PMS or PMDD symptoms and want an approach to healing your menstrual experience beyond medication and being told “it’s just your hormones.”
  • Desire to heal sexual or reproductive trauma and retrieve your authentic sexual and embodied essence.
  • Feel stuck in life or blocked creatively or and crave a soulful approach to aligned action.
  • Want to disentangle cultural, familial, and/or ancestral conditionings of womanhood and femininity and liberate your authentic embodied legacy, however you identify.

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The Embody You Experience

01 / 04

Begin where you Are

It’s courageous to bring attention to where you’re at, ask for support, and receive guidance and witnessing. Together, we’ll gather all the threads of your now. This in itself will move things for you and seed relief.

02 / 04

The Soul Journey

Sometimes the move is to descend into the soul; sometimes we embrace being in the underworld with skilled company; and sometimes we claim your wings and ascend to the top soil, Queen of your own Darkness. Wherever you are in the adage “the only way out is through,” I’m here to guide you on your soul’s path towards your true desires.

03 / 04

Embodied Expansion

As you move further into yourself, inner space will expand, liberating you from tight corners of survival mode. This is a time of discovery and new learning. It can be both disorienting and exciting. Old skins shed, and we nurture what emerges.

04 / 04

Empowered Living

The maps will change. A new North Star appears. We integrate and fan-fire empowered living, as you continue to bloom from a place of embodied alignment. Experience unshakable confidence and wisdom in navigating life’s turns and cycles.

What our Clients are Saying

“It’s as if we’re collaborators, creating a new reality for myself in which I’m no longer afraid to show up.”

— embody you client

“I feel lucky to be doing this work. Every week, I feel better, like I have something to take home and bring into my life.”

— embody you client

“Ultimately the most rewarding choice I have ever made on behalf of my body and my womanhood..”

— embody you client

“This is ancestral healing work.”

— embody you client

“Roxanne is magical. This is unlike any therapy I’ve done before – I can’t believe I found someone like this to heal with.”

— embody you client

Frequently Asked Questions

I love the feel of what you offer, but my needs aren’t focused on menstruality or sexuality – can I still work with you?

Yes! Many of my clients come to me for the way I work with healing and empowerment. The extra bonus is that your body is never TMI in this space. You can bring your full self here.

Do you work with insurance?

No. This work is deliberately and intentionally outside the bounds of conventional therapy, the DSM, and the insurance model of mental health.

The Details

single sessions

60 Minute Session


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90 Minute Session


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Got something specific you’re ready to dive into?

Soul Dip Package

Three 90 min sessions

including 30 min Intention Setting Call and Homplay Practices


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Focus Intensive Package

Five 90 min sessions

including 30 min Intention Setting Call and Homeplay Practices


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*Individual session payments due day of session. 48 hour cancellation policy for individual sessions to avoid session charge. No refunds for individual sessions. Packaging fees due at time of booking. Packages can only be refunded if canceled a week prior to the first session.