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Wild Self

No one can burn me down…

Hello Dear Soul.

I’m Dr. Roxanne Partridge, PhD, CHt, Creatrix of embodyperiod.

My journey of individuation started early. Mythologist Jody Bower says some women are born in the underworld. I’ve sat alongside the sorrow, grief, soul loss, and oppression of the cultural construction of life through the female body since I was in utero and beyond. By age two, I’d found my NO to what was collectively on offer. I built altars to my ancestors and the waves. I loved my clit and her perfume. I grew hips and dropped blood by nine. I gazed into candle flames, cast spells, and somehow knew I couldn’t – wouldn’t – conform. A silent, unconscious comfort hummed in my bones that whispered…

No one can burn me down,

they’ve already tried.

Dancing in the flames.

The wisdom whispering within my bones has led me like a torch, illuminating my way through the darkness of cultural complexes– policed femininity, the male gaze, the pathologizing of menstruation, female sexuality, authentic identity, and ways of knowing, creating, venerating, and thriving beyond the pale of patriarchy.

I’m here to show you how to alchemize psychic gold from the shit of your experiences –

rapture found on the other side of rupture, and a Queen’s radiance sourced from depths of our encounters with all that seeks to diminish our life force. If you hear the call to more or other, you are more ready than you think you are to transform.

I’ve lived and died countless times in just this one life.

I’ve crossed the thresholds of initiation in countless forms: violations of the body and autonomy; ecstatic bliss of being fully alive and orgasmic, persona deaths, devotion to estuaries, dancefloors, soul retrievals, the full-body rocking held by many hands of women in sacred baths over cliffs beneath the moon, tantra, befriending the archetypal figures who show up in my dreams, mediations, and through my blood. I’ve learned to dance in the flames. Embodying the sacred numinosity of body-mind-heart-spirit-soul as the path through, up and out from the underworld, wings extended.

Befriending the Virgin and Outing Myself

When we pass through the terror of uncertainty, and dance in the flames of our sublime essence, the shackles of dogma dissolve. The path here is found in befriending the many reflections of the Virgin archetype – a woman unto herself, not chaste – whose wheelhouse is the art of being and becoming. She goes by many names: Wild Woman, Priestess, Crone, Artist, Healer, Adventuress, Wolf, Lioness, Wild Queen, Witch, Inanna, Isis, Shakti, Spirit, Psyche, Aletis.

Reclaiming the Virgin is a way of restoring what is wild, wise, powerful, and free within ourselves. A self-love that not only knows when to run a bath, but also how to tend to our hearts and the world without shame.

It’s in radical acceptance of the Virgin that we continue to unfold, outing more of our multitudes that nourish all.

The Birth of embodyperiod.

This work is born out of parthenogenesis, self-fertilized by my own deaths and rebirths, midwifed by covens of other Virgin women, for the sake of tending the bodysouls of women towards their own free expression.

A period pun, embodyperiod. invites authentic embodiment of personhood — period — in allegiance with the menstrual body throughout the lifespan. As a client once courageously said to me,

“I don’t identify with conventional meanings of womanhood, and I want to live through this body without self loathing.”

May the queering of all normalcies around the feminine free us to full-blooded narratives on our own bloody terms, however we identify.

My Eclectic Lineage

I’ve been guiding women into their embodied wisdom and sovereignty for 14 years.

As a healer, scholar, creative, and activist, I offer a dynamic approach to healing and empowerment. I believe in a woman’s rights to agency, pleasure, and self-knowledge.

Healer, scholar, creative & activist


I hold both a Masters and PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, am a relational sexuality practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, and eclectic witch.

I’ve studied with and been mentored by distinguished elders such as Gina Ogden, Marion Woodman, James Hillman, Robert Bosnak, Sandra Ingerman, Resmaa Menakem, Susan Rowland, and Regina Thomashauer.

Sacred space for your wholeness

Women’s embodied individuation is at the center of all that I do.

I weave a container informed by post-Jungian approaches to the feminine, intersectional feminism, queer theory, archetypal, liberational, eco, and somatic psychologies, shamanism, pleasure principles, arts-based healing, menstruality, alchemy, wisdom traditions, ancestral healing, decolonizing the mind, soul, heart, and body, and sacred rites of initation into authentic personhood.

Healer, scholar, activist

From the hearth to the conference center

I hold my private practice and intimate retreats at my home, Aletis House, in Hudson New York, in addition to the embodiment programs offered virtually here. I’ve lectured and facilitated workshops for the Society of Menstrual Cycle Research, Seeing Red, Planned Parenthood’s Rally in the Valley, Jungian Society of Scholarly Studies, International Association for Jungian Psychology, and the International Association for Analytical Psychology.

In Solidarity and Soul

To riff off Lila Watson who said,

“If you have come here
to help me,
you are wasting your time.
But if you have come
because your liberation
is bound up with mine,
then let us work together”…

I do this work because…

I believe the embodied liberation of life through the female body necessitates creating community and new cultural spaces in which we imagine, sense, feel, and move the collective binds, witnessing and celebrating the emergence of authentic soul expression together. Because the depth of abject female pain not only calls out for the healing and empowerment of those of us marked by female affiliation, it also indicates the vast scope of our joy.

My Desire

I guide women in creating inner and outer pathways that embody their wild majesty in the world.

My Vision

To see women fully turned on, richly sourced and aligned with their true desires.

Are you ready for rebirth?

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