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Rise Up From the Depths.

And expand in the full glory of who you truly are.

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Connect to clarity and aligned knowing rooted in you body and soul in this free 4-step soul journey course.

What’s standing between you and your power?

Unshackling your mind-body-heart-spirit experience from the trappings of patriarchy isn’t meant to be done alone. Discover a living practice of devotion (not discipline) to your liberated wholeness. Discern your desires, make aligned action, and re-write the mythic narrative of your life.

Experience Revolutionary Empowerment

This is embodyperiod.

I help Women
retrieve their Power
and become Wild Queens of their
inner and outer worlds.
My in-depth Embodiment Programs
empower you
to Turn on,
Expand soulfully,
and Create a legacy
that Embodies your true essence.

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What our Clients are Saying

“Everything Roxane creates is golden! Golden ripples that have enriched and enlivened my life emotionally, psychologically, sexually, sensually, spiritually, physically and in so many other ways I know I will continue to embody throughout this lifetime.”

— Wild Queen Residency Participant

My Programs

Liberate your yes

Return to Desire Membership

Ignite your fire

Desire pulls us into the wellspring of our being and carries us to the far reaches of our joy. Return to Desire is a membership program at the heart of all things embodyperiod. It’s a sisterhood for women committed to a living practice of decolonizing their psyches from cultural conditionings and transmuting the unconscious power of both personal and inherited trauma. It’s time to liberate your YES.

Return To Desire

Rites of Splendor Program

Four Potent Initiations into the Source of Your Magnificence

You have a right to experience intentional and consensual rites of passage that expand your idea of what’s possible in this lifetime. Rites of Splendor is a self-paced journey through 4 potent thresholds of embodiment: Pleasure. Menstruality. Numinosity. Anima. These passageways have been catalytic for thousands of women that I’ve worked with over the past 14 years. Begin where you feel called, move at your own pace.

Awaken Your Splendor

Discover more paths to embodiment.

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one-on-one sessions

One-on-One Sessions with Roxanne

From the analytic to the shamanic

One-on-one soulwork for creative and daring women

You deserve time and space to unfurl completely. One-on-one sessions allow you to be fully seen, deeply heard, and returned the golden core of your truth. Old patterns, limiting identities, challenging menstrual experience, a sense of lost agency, creative blocks, reproductive experiences, life transitions, the desire for more, sexuality, self-doubt, dark nights of the soul… all find refuge and transformative healing here. Here you’ll discover agency, ignited will, life force, pleasure, and peace. Let’s get you free.

Work With Me

Hi Luv, I’m Roxanne.

As a healer, scholar, creative, and activist with a Master’s and PhD in Depth Psychology, I offer a dynamic approach to healing and empowerment. I believe in a woman’s rights to agency, self-discovery, and pleasure.
My soul is made for irreverent devotion to the rich, nuanced, sacred unfolding of women’s liberated wholeness. I know the underworld experience of female oppression like the curves of my own hips. Your dark places don’t scare me. Let me guide you through, up, and out – aligned, integrated, wings open.

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A healing experience that’s as dynamic as you are

All of who you are is welcomed here. Your brilliance, sexuality, rage, doubt, desires, premenstrual experience, connection with spirit, and radiance. My work is a multidimensional container to alchemize your mind-body-heart-spirit experience. There’s no one way to be a woman or to experience your life through the female body. I’m here to help you claim a wildly authentic YOU.

Learn About My Approach

Energy Re-Fresh

Ever wonder what an outrageously divine feminine approach is to shaking up stale energy? Hint: It does not involve meditating. Channeling the pussy-flashing crone-trickster goddess Baubo, these 5 Days of Wild Devotion will have you moving through the world in a whole new way. Dive into this free resource now. Simply add to cart to access.

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