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online membership for wild queens

Reigning the Queendom That is Yours

Exclusive to Wild Queen Residency initiates, Majesty is a radical
sisterhood devoted to living in accordance with Adult Self Magnificence.

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You don’t have to uphold
your crown alone.

You’ve released your Inner Wild Queen from the shadows
and have been initiated into her royal path through the
Wild Queen Residency. And it gets better. You can
continue to live from your inner majesty, continually
resourced in regal community.

Show up Fully in your Power.

We’re all Wild Queens here. And that means your greatness is celebrated, encouraged, and, when
needed, called back to you through creative, soul-centered practices and sisterhood. Reigning from your
confident and wild depths is revolutionary work done best in solidarity.

Majesty creates a place for Wild Queens to abide in their power and
share their authentic selves with the world. 

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Majesty is designed for Wild Queen Residency initiates who:

  • Desire to keep the magick going in community with Wild Queens.
  • Benefit from having a space held for creative practice, dance, deep listening, pleasure work, and all the golden threads and lesson materials of WQR.
  • Want the sisterhood and witnessing of courageous women who’ve gone through the journey of initiating their own sovereignty.
  • Desire to nurture and re-member their magnificence.
  • Feel the potency of the Wild Queen archetypal field and value a larger container to hold and work this energy.

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Magnificence SHINE.

The Majesty Membership

  • 2 90-min Monthly Zoom calls around Full and New Moons
  • Queen-to-Queen Vivification
  • Envisioning Councils
  • Creative Soul Studio Time
  • Discerning Desire and Pleasure practices
  • Soul Journeys
  • Annual in-person retreat
  • + so much more

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What’s Inside Majesty

Wild Queen’s Council


Council is a way of tending to the unknown, guiding desires, discovering the words for your royal decrees, and  envisioning possibilities for your aligned reign.

Wild Knowing

We arrive and move in deep presence and listening: with each other, our inner worlds, and guides of the Wild Queen’s realm. Creative art praxis, shamanic journeys, dance, ritual, sound, active imagination, and pleasure principles all support you as you walk in the wisdom of bodysoul.

Queen-to-Queen Vivification

There’s a potency to the witness of a sister Queen. A Wild Queen’s gaze returns you to your own throne and amplifies your regal power. Likewise, you’ll sharpen your own regal clarity gazing out from your own Inner WQ. Queen-to-Queen Vivification will take place in pairs and triads in Zoom breakout rooms each month, with the option to connect further with other WQs during your own time.


Majesty Annual In-Person Retreat

Hailing from all the Queendoms, we gather together once a year to celebrate our wild magnificence over an extended weekend. Details for 2023 Majesty Retreat will be released December 2022.

How it Works

Step 1


Join the Majesty Membership.

Step 2


Confirm that you are a Wild Queen Alumna.

Step 3


Watch Welcome Video and note all call dates in your calendar.

Step 4


Deepen your regal practice with your sister Queens.

Frequently Asked Questions

I did a different program than the Wild Queen Residency. Can I still join?

Majesty is only open to Wild Queen initiates, as it builds on the principles and practices specific to that 7 week immersive journey. If you’re eager to develop your own queendom, you’re invited to join the Wild Queen Residency.

What if I can’t make a call?

All call recordings will be available in our membership portal.

What supplies do I need for Majesty?

A special notebook dedicated to Majesty, art supplies you love, room to move during our calls, any ritual items to enchant your space during our time together.

What if I can’t make the annual retreat?

The celebration of coming together in place will be a sacred deepening of our work, but retreat attendance is not required for Majesty membership.

The Details

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*Majesty is a 1-year commitment from sign up, because this timeframe best supports the integration and activation of this work. However, if after the first 90 days you feel like you can’t show up to this practice and community or the work doesn’t align, simply send me an email with a description of your experience of the first three months of calls. This process is in support of your clarity around your desires and what would best support them. If you signed up at the annual fee, you’ll then be refunded the prorated amount of your investment. If you signed up with monthly payments, your membership will simply be canceled. Membership fee doesn’t include travel and attendance expenses for annual retreat.